Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Gospel according to Hollywood

The other day I watched a movie about a young woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It was a sad, tear-jerker of a movie.  Yes, I cried, but not because of the drama that was played out.  I can't help but cry when I think about how wrong the world has it when it comes to death.

The movie focused on a young woman's life and the relationships she had with friends and family.  She was single, successful, independent, strong, and "loose" (for a lack of a better term).  She prided herself on the intention to stay single and be able to "hook-up" when ever she wanted.  She was the picture of what society expects the 21st century woman to be.  I won't even go into how far we've fallen off the morality wagon there. 

In the movie, the woman's view of God was Woopie Goldberg and heaven, of course, was big fluffy, white clouds in the sky overlooking the world below (pretty original, huh).  That's the disturbing part.  People, by and large, want to get their spiritual information from the delusional minds that pump these movies out purely for entertainment.  Newsflash!!! Life and eternal life, for that matter, are not dictated by Hollywood or anyone else for that matter.  Only God Almighty has the true version of it and He gave us a whole book on the matter. It happens to be the best selling book ever, but for some reason, I don't think everyone is reading it.  Huh...go figure...

In this particular movie, there was no question about whether or not there was a God, except for when this woman posed the question to the guy she was sleeping with (oh, and of course, falling in love with).  His response was basically, "I dunno know".  And then she replied, "I admire people who have faith.  They're so sure of what they believe."  (That's not word for word.  I'm just paraphrasing.)  That was the best line of the whole movie though!  Yes, we are sure and YES, it is faith.  But it's also truth, proven truth.  The problem is, most people don't want to accept the truth.

There are only two destinations when we die, Heaven or hell.  There is only one true God, Jesus Christ.  People refuse to believe it because they don't want to give up living life by their rules.  They want their pleasures and don't want to give them up.  They think when they have to give them up then life is no longer fun.  I know I didn't want to give up what I enjoyed.  Then, when I finally let go of it, I realized the freedom in giving up those desires.  I realized the joy in pleasing God.  I realized His love for me was so much more important than seeking ungodly relationships, seeking entertainment in dark and depressing meat-market bars, and living life on my terms.  I realized the true blessing of letting go.

What really had me in tears while watching this movie is that I know so many people like the main character.  They think that they are "pretty good" and they deserve Heaven.  They are not concerned in the least that there might be a chance that they could live in eternal torment...alone...without any loved ones and without God. They think they are okay in thinking that there is a higher power, but they aren't really interested in knowing too much about him.  They'll play it "safe" and pray once in awhile, but don't really know how or what to pray to.  They'll do some good deeds, like volunteer at a shelter or give money to a charity.  They think that will score some points with whoever is in charge "up there".

How do they know this is the way it is?  Because the all knowing minds that produce their entertainment make "feel good" movies.  And if it feels good, it must be right...right???

Here's the thing...it's wrong!  So wrong! I hate that so many people are steered in this wrong direction.  I hate that they don't want to open up a Bible and seek the truth.  I hate that people I love will miss out.  It's as if the Holy Spirit gives me a vision of tormented souls and it shakes me to the core, because I want nothing more than for everyone I know to accept Christ's invitation for eternal life with Him...in paradise.  It's the only way to get there.  Sadly, it's not a very popular idea to sell in the movie industry.  Even sadder, there will still be more movies than will lead people away.  In all fairness, though, we can't blame the "big bad Hollywood" for a person's wrong thinking.  In the end...each person has a choice and no one can make it for them. 

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