Monday, July 16, 2012

Scenes From Summer

There certain scenes that I just love: kids running full speed down to the water until their bodies fall into it, grandparents building sand castles with their grandkids, boats being backed into the water getting ready for a day of fun on the lake.  These are the scenes that make me say, "ahhhh, summer...".  I cherish them because like so many other things in life, summer is temporary (and too short).  Winter comes and all this easy breezy bliss will be just a memory.  Does that mean that when it is over that we must be sad.  No, not at all.  Our hapiness need not lie in the temporary pleasures of this temporary life.  Our true happiness is in walking with Christ, living obediently, and receiving the full reward for it.  Knowing that gives me a joy even in the midst of the thought that summer will end.  And also knowing that the Lord's love and grace will never end.